Dedicated to contemporary book culture, Palermo Publishing is a publisher sensitive to the poetics of the margin. Publications are designed with particular attention to the selection of materials, and through their curation and quality convey an experience that goes beyond the visual. We focus on what might be called the 'marginal gaze', working closely with artists, curators, institutions and archives to provide a counterpoint to mainstream narratives. Together with our publication, we'd like to present KIOSK: a selection of books, artists, authors, publishers and practices that make space for new perspectives. We usually present them alongside our publications to give the public a broader framework for our practice, which aims to be a bridge between visual arts, poetry and critical thinking. New books to be released in the summer 2024, ALBUM 900 - Lucia Pescador (IT) and Songs for birds and the lonely - Dietmar Busse (GE)


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